ACPE: The LMS Terms of Use

By using this site, I understand and accept the following terms of use and that a violation of any of the following terms may result in immediate suspension or removal of my access to the LMS.

the LMS and related content

  1. Some sections of the LMS may allow the uploading and/or posting of content that is made available for others to view. I acknowledge and accept that material I add to the LMS, and which is considered to fall into the following categories may be dealt with under the terms of the relevant college staff and student Code of Conduct, unless this material forms part of a legitimate educational activity.
  2. I will not make available to another person any materials I am able to access via the LMS or via my ACPE network login. I understand I may only copy and use these materials as part of my studies or sanctioned teaching at ACPE.
  3. I will not use the LMS for any form of commercial gain (eg promotion, solicitation) that is not approved by the ACPE Dean/Head of College.
  4. As a student, I understand that any material I add to the LMS may be monitored and archived and that any work that the LMS administrators consider falls within Clause 1 above may be copied then edited, hidden from common view and/or deleted at the discretion of the administrators of the LMS.
  5. As a staff member, I understand that any material I add to the LMS may be monitored, archived or removed from common view in consultation with the administrators of the LMS.


  1. I will not knowingly upload to the LMS any software that contains a malicious component, including but not limited to computer viruses, rootkits and spyware.
  2. I will not seek to gain unauthorised access or bypass user or course security in the LMS.
  3. I will not deliberately disrupt the integrity of the the LMS environment.
  4. I will not divulge my login details to another person or organisation, regardless of whether this person is currently studying or on staff at ACPE.
  5. I will immediately report to ACPE IT staff if I become aware that my login details have or may have become known by another person.

Complementary Documents

  1. I agree to comply with the current and future versions of the following laws and policies which complement these Terms Of Use.
    1. Government acts
      These Australian acts have particular relevance to content supplied and received via the LMS:
      Anti Discrimination Act 1977, Copyright Act 1968, Disability Discrimination Act 1992.
    2. ACPE policies
      I understand that these documents are accessible via the Policies and Procedures page on the ACPE website:
      1. Copyright and Intellectual Property: ACPE Copyright Guidelines, ACPE Copyright Policy, Academic Honesty Policy, ACPE Intellectual Property Policy
      2. Equity: Staff Equity and Access Policy
      3. IT Security: Student Conditions of IT Use, Staff Conditions of IT Use
      4. Conduct: Student Code of Conduct, Staff Code of Conduct
      5. Privacy: Student Privacy Policy, Staff Privacy Policy.

Updates to these Terms Of Use

  1. ACPE reserves the right to update these Terms Of Use, and any documents referenced by them, when required. I understand I can always find the most recent version of these Terms of Use on the the LMS login page. I agree that it is my responsibility to maintain my awareness of changes to these Terms Of Use and to comply with any new or changed conditions they hold.
  2. It is my responsibility to seek advice from the Associate Dean, Programs & Quality if I feel I do not understand any of these Terms Of Use, or wish to raise a complaint about any portion of it.